5 podcast formats worth exploring in 2022

Explore these interesting formats for your next podcast and set it apart, garnering more audience attention and engagement.

5 podcast formats worth exploring in 2022
“I have plenty of ideas for a podcast, but I am struggling to choose a theme.” Do these thoughts look familiar to you? If yes, look no further; this article is just for you.
Podcasts offer an exciting range of audio files to engage listeners at any given time. The right target audience can be hard to crack; hence we bring you this article to help you understand the interesting formats which could enhance the listener experience.
There are two main rules to follow before you dive into the sea of podcasting:
1. Clarity behind your purpose - The reason for starting your podcast channel should be clear from the beginning to frame your series of episodes. The details can change within a larger theme, but with a strong purpose, you can strike a chord in your listeners’ hearts.
2. Consistency - Your podcast channel should have a consistent theme and tone to make it stand out from others. The structure, timing, and number of episodes should be well planned. You can plan your subsequent seasons of podcasts post the success of your first launch keeping the core and the framework the same. Consistency builds up brands, creating a deeper relationship with the audiences.
Let’s go through five formats that you could explore for your next podcast -

1. Monologue/Solo

Solo podcasts are the easiest way to get started. There is no dependency on co-hosts or guests for the podcast. If you have an engaging idea, some basic recording gear, and a great platform,  you're good to go! A solo podcast gives you the flexibility to create the content on your own time and also complete control over what the content entails.
With that said, you would need to have a thorough understanding of your topic and enough content to make the podcast interesting, as you would single-handedly shoulder the responsibility for the content. Also, make sure you have the bandwidth to edit and promote your podcast.

2. Interviews

Interview podcasts are very popular, with new guests being interviewed every week. Guests can be popular industry experts, SMEs, influencers, celebrities, or thought leaders. It is an interesting format as the guests share their stories making for unique and engaging content every time. You do, however, need to tie the series together with a common theme.
An added plus here is that you can expand your reach as the guests share the content in their communities and with their followers. Listnr allows you to easily invite guests. You can record videos and add up to 5 guests at a time.
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3. Co-hosting / Conversational

If you do not want to ship your sail solo, then pick a co-host who is equally passionate about the theme you want to explore. Adding a conversational tone to your audio series helps your audience relate to the conversation, making it a more personal communication and driving engagement.
Co-hosting allows cross-pollination of ideas between two hosts, bringing different perspectives to the topic and depth to the content.
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4. Non-fiction / Educational

This type of podcast is centered around educating your audience about a subject. It is a value-packed podcast style that attracts a sustained, dedicated audience for a series of episodes.
Evaluate whether your topic can be easily taught without the aid of visual assets. Listnr offers crystal clear video recording and combining video with ready-to-go post-production templates to easily create content.

5. Panel discussion podcast

A panel discussion podcast allows you to present diverse information and perspectives from various guests. Panel discussions are intriguing and value-driven, making them a much sought-after format.
You can choose to keep your panel discussion relaxed like a friendly discussion among acquaintances or more structured with an interview script.
It can be a very exciting podcast as a larger number of people would lead to lively conversations. It would also increase your podcast's reach as more people share it in their circles. Listnr allows you the convenience of hosting a podcast with multiple hosts and guests.
Another experimental approach that you could start off with is limited edition podcasts or pilots, where you test your target audiences and then launch them in a more decorative manner.
Podcasts are high in demand, and this is the right time to invest in creating some engaging content! Whichever format you choose, remember to own it and enjoy the journey.
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Can you start a podcast for free?

You can record a podcast for free on your desktop or your phone. Listnr allows you to edit, host, distribute and monetize your podcast, all in one place.

How can I record a podcast on Spotify?

You need to provide a link to an RSS feed to have your podcast on Spotify, as it doesn’t host podcasts. You can easily distribute your podcast on Spotify using Listnr.

Can I podcast from home?

You can easily start recording a podcast from home with just your phone and a pair of headphones. The content is key. Decide on your podcast format and find a good hosting platform to get started.

How much money can you make from a podcast?

Making money from podcasting takes time. You can earn through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and contributions. The amount of money you make will be tied to the number of downloads each episode has.

How do you introduce yourself in a podcast?

To introduce yourself in a podcast, include your name, what you do and what you hope to communicate through the podcast. You can also choose to include where you live or where you’re from.