6 Tips to Ensure your Podcast Ranks Higher in Searches in 2022

Six tips to make your podcasts rank high in searches and make the SEO gods happy.

6 Tips to Ensure your Podcast Ranks Higher in Searches in 2022
Podcasts are a fun way to educate and engage the audience. They significantly add to a brand’s identity and build loyalty in listeners. For that matter, they are apt tools of passive marketing for the individual or the brand.
So you have published your podcast, but it's not generating enough traction and traffic. And you want the daily numbers to go up, soaring and flying.
Now, that's a conundrum as common as the common flu. Every day, so much content is being pushed on the internet that it's a challenge to get ranked. After all, nothing is sadder than when your superbly-crafted creation goes unnoticed.
But don't fret; these six tips will provide you with actionable pointers to crack the ranking game.

Write SEO-friendly titles and descriptions

The simplest yet highly effective advice. Titles are the first impressions that can attract or avert audiences. A good title is catchy and intriguing but not to the point of being clickbait. It should ideally describe the intent of your podcast and build anticipation.
A quick research about and around your topic will help find the right keywords that typically trend. Including these keywords in your titles and description will get you those Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) points.
A typical description should summarize your podcast episode briefly and describe why your listeners would not want to miss it.
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Repurpose your podcast into blogs

The advantage of transcribing your podcast into blogs is twofold. For one, it supplements the podcast’s reach by making it accessible to audiences who prefer reading over listening. And second, blogs open another gateway into SEO and search ranking.
You can also intersperse relevant keywords into your blogs to increase their searchability. The whole point of generating blogs out of podcasts is to repurpose them into SEO-compatible content.
You can use Listnr.fm’s free transcription feature to turn your podcast into a blog post within seconds, check it out.
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Be consistent with your releases

Consistency pays in the long run and hence, is an often-underestimated strategy. The gradual and incremental creation of SEO-backed content builds a strong portfolio for your brand, with marketing effects compounding over time.
Your catalog of content can be made to reference each other to build internal links. Such linking makes navigation across content easier and intuitive for the audience. Moreover, internal links are used by Google to create website maps for efficient crawling.
Keyword research is instrumental to your podcast’s SEO statistics. The process can shine a light on what is presently trending on the internet to fit your niche. It can even help you find future topics that have the potential to trend and hit home with your listeners.
A word of caution is not to go overboard and chase every trending topic under the sun for views and plays. Honest and sincere topics that genuinely benefit your target audiences will go a long way in building a strong brand image.
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Annotate with show notes

Shownotes annotate different segments of your podcast’s episode with detailed timestamps. Using show notes, your audience can skip to a particular chapter without going over the complete episode. Show notes provide you the opportunity to add SEO keywords to your timestamps in the form of titles for segments.
On YouTube ( YT ), this feature is called key moments. In the YT podcast’s description, you can add a list of timestamps and titles starting from the 00:00 timestamp. Google needs a minimum of 3 timestamps to display the key moments from your video in its search results.
A slight difference between podcast description and show notes - a description is usually a summarization, while show notes can include timestamps along with social media links, research articles, and your guest's socials.

Hack the engagement game on social media

Social media is pivotal to the success of any content creator. Your podcast needs to have a social media handle through which you can engage your audience in genuine dialogue. You can ask your followers to share your podcast, provide essential feedback, and organize Q&A sessions.
Social media can have direct implications and measure your podcast’s success. You can also divert your listeners to your blogs to generate more traffic and rank higher in Google searches.
With these six-pointers, you should have a comprehensive idea of what makes podcasts rank and the SEO gods happy. SEO is undoubtedly hard to master; even the masters will agree. But let that not deter you from learning and creating podcasts that reach target audiences.
Consistent attention to analytics and cognizance of the listeners’ needs will take your podcast to new heights. Remember to always keep your podcasts intriguing and value-imparting.
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How can you make your podcast go viral?

Your podcast getting viral is a strange mix of luck, quality content, and a topic that coincides with current events. Virality is volatile, akin to hitting arrows in the dark. A more resilient method to increase podcast traffic is being consistent and uncompromising in quality.

What platform is best for podcasts?

Spotify and iTunes are the chief market players with the highest user base. It only makes sense to choose a service that lets to distribute your podcast to major platforms. Through Listnr, you can release to multiple platforms with just a click and also avail detailed analytics.

Can you start a podcast for free?

You can literally start your podcast at zero cost with only a laptop and internet connection. A decent microphone will be a great investment in due time. With a platform like Listnr, you can record, edit and distribute your podcast from a single place.

How much does it cost to host a podcast on Spotify?

Publishing podcast to Spotify is free. You don’t pay for publishing but for hosting services that store your podcast files and metadata. There are plenty of hosting services offering different pricing brackets.
We at, Listnr.fm believe in flexible and straightforward pricing so everyone can meet their needs.