15 topics your podcast audience wants to hear about

Podcasts are here to stay. Innovate your podcast topic ideas and reach out to more audiences this year. Dive into the article to sharpen your thoughts.

Podcasts are most definitely an excellent medium to connect with your audience, and podcasting provides a great channel to build a loyal community.
But with so many podcasts flowing around, the big question is- How to get the audiences engrossed with content?
Let’s explore trending topics you can dive into this year and get more followers.

1. Interview celebrities

A free-flowing interview with celebrities can never go out of style. It allows the audience to engage with their favorite on-screen personalities. Celebrities caught off-camera on a talk show is a risk-free zone for podcasters to explore.

2. Tutorials

Podcasters can use a touch of creativity while curating their content. Tutorial podcasts on recycling paper at home or growing tomatoes on a terrace can be a valuable tool to draw your audience’s attention. Doing by listening is a powerful tool. It is bound to hook the audience.

3. Self-help

Adulting is hard and lonely. Consider hosting a podcast on self-help topics that assist listeners in gaining confidence in their daily lives. The topics can range from simply how to accept your emotions to what makes you glow from the inside. This is a domain worth exploring to reach a wider target audience. You can check the hardcore self-help channel to draw inspiration.
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4. Mental health

You can elaborate on psychology and leverage subject-matter experts to highlight mental health issues. This domain has a range of aspects to cover - from the inherent taboo of therapy to the fear of self-acceptance. It can be a helpful aid for anyone going through a challenging period in life.

5. Review

Reviewing a product, movie, book, or location can be incredibly engaging for the audience. The information exchange that happens through such podcasts makes it a popular type among friends’ circles. The recommendation rates are also higher for this kind of content.

6. Traveling stories

Travel-related content draws massive attention from all age groups. Knowing little hacks related to traveling to exciting locales or creating a travel checklist for activities like camping can bring in more listeners from across the world.
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7. Health & lifestyle

Instructional podcasts can never go wrong. Post-pandemic people have turned more health-conscious than ever. Tips and instructions about ways to lead a healthy life can be a potential hit among the daily hustlers! Explore a myriad of attached themes, from high-intensity moves to guided meditation.

8. Comic relief

A comic podcast can be very attractive to the audience. Small stories, impromptu acts, role-plays- it can be anything that gives the listeners a healthy dose of dopamine. Pick one format and create interesting content for every episode.

9. Weekly news

News updates in this fast-paced world are a super-informative topic. There are many sections to be explored under this theme. You can host a 20-minute weekly news segment covering some national and international news. There is always room for local news for the regional populace to resonate most with the listeners.

10. History & culture

Enriching facts and stories about culture and heritage are evergreen. Podcasts bringing forward information about different historical facts can keep the listeners’ interest intact. There are so many events from the past that the world is yet to explore. The creation of suspense and amazement can make your channel stand out.

11. Food

Foodies worldwide are always eager to learn about varied cuisines and the stories behind them. There are more than thirty cuisines in India. There is ample content to delve into, from granny’s recipes to the hidden truth behind ingredients.
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12. Short stories

Thrillers, monologues, children’s stories, tragedy, action - the opportunity is abundant in the world of stories. You can also consider inviting other guests for role-playing. Try stories by new writers or some classics in a narrative style. You can also celebrate one writer each week by showcasing all the stories authored by them.

13. Entrepreneurship

There are no rules to entrepreneurship. However, for beginners, it helps to rely on well-researched advice. Starting from scratch, this topic has the potential to turn into a series of continued episodes. It can be an interesting take on the traditional masterclasses.

14. Branding

Every company is hiring brand strategists to make their businesses visible. A series to explain the dos and don’ts of branding can be a smart choice for podcasters to consider.
Podcasts on this topic can serve many freshers and seasoned individuals to upgrade their knowledge and dive deep into the world of branding.

15. Social media

This is the era of social media bloggers and vloggers who can take on any topic close to their hearts and turn it into engaging content with the proper guidance. A podcast exclusively to train beginners about what to do in the world of social media is bound to be a blockbuster!
The podcast market is opening new avenues. It is the right time to explore diverse genres. Creators with different passions can take the opportunity to share their content with the world. Many AI-based tools like Listnr are available online to help host, edit, and disseminate podcasts to well-known platforms.
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How much does it cost to start a podcast?

You can start your podcast using free or paid tools. If you are a beginner, choose a host with a well-built user experience. You just have to record on your phone or desktop and start for free. You can take the support of a platform like Listnr to edit, host, and distribute it to various channels. Read more about starting a podcast with no money here.

What equipment do you need to start a podcast?

You would usually require a mic, a pop-filter to cancel unnecessary sound, a shock mount, a boom arm, headphones, and cables. You can start with a platform like Listnr, where you can host, edit, disseminate and reach out to many listeners all in one go!

What are some good podcast topics?

Content is king! Podcasts are personal, and it is best to start with a topic close to your heart. Plan episodes ahead of time. Popular topics range from travel, food, sports, and news updates to DIY content.

Can a podcast be live?

Yes, live podcasts are very popular nowadays. It just means broadcasting your podcasts in real-time with virtual audiences present. The post-recording edits and cuts are not possible for live streaming. You just have to select the go-live option to try it out. It creates a more personal connection with the listeners capturing the raw audio.